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How virtual dog racing works

screenshotsIf you want to play virtual dog racing, it's important to understand the theory behind it.

Unlike real-life greyhound racing, you can't predict the outcome of a race from the dog's physical appearance, previous form, or the weather conditions – it's all a simulated virtual environment. In fact, virtual dog races bear more similarity to a game like roulette: there are a range of different outcomes, each with fixed odds, and your bets are based entirely on these odds. Of course, the pastime is given a thrilling edge as you can watch the greyhounds tearing round the virtual track.

As a result, you could take one of several approaches when betting on a virtual race:

  • Place a 'safe' bet on a dog with short odds (2/1, 3/1 etc)
  • Take a risk on a dog with longer odds (9/1 etc)
  • If your dog is successful, you'll receive a payout equal to the ratio of the bet plus your original stake – so, £5 at 2/1 will pay out £15, but £5 at 9/1 will pay out £50.

Betting on virtual racing online

Many of the top online bookmakers offer virtual dog racing, and you can see a list of the best ones on our homepage. If you don't live near a greyhound racing track, if the weather is terrible, or if it's 3am, virtual dog racing is an ideal choice. However, going virtual doesn't mean the sport loses its character or atmosphere. There are some famous virtual racing tracks such as Brushwood and Mutleigh Cross, while the same dogs appear in many races so you might want to stick with those who've done well for you in the past. Meanwhile, online chat rooms that accompany virtual races can be just as sociable as the trackside bar.

Before you pick an online bookie, remember to check out our comments section; we invite our readers to review any establishments they've played at, and share their top tips to help newcomers get the most out of virtual dog racing.