US dog racing track wants to shut itself down

Virtual dog racing moves a step closer to being the norm

Live racing could be under threat at one track in the US state of Iowa, meaning virtual dog racing could soon be the most popular way to bet.

Bosses at the Bluffs Run track claim they are losing $9 million a year on staging greyhound races, as crowds fail to top 50.

They say this comes nowhere near the amount they would need to turn a profit, especially when they factor in floodlighting, heating the track and paying prize money to the trainers, and they would prefer to focus all their efforts on an accompanying casino business.

However, they are unable to shut down as that would require permission from the Iowa Legislature. This has so far not been forthcoming, amid concerns about how such a move would affect employment in the area.

Bluffs Run's senior vice president Bo Guidry disagrees, arguing that the money they have offered the council to let them close down could be spent on schools or road maintenance, as well as freeing up the site for a potential retail development.

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