The strange state of US dog racing

Where to find dog racing in America

The USA is one of a number of countries in which dog racing is a popular pastime. However, due to the nature of US law, each state has their own stance on racing with dogs, and indeed gambling in general.

Consequently, while enjoying a greyhound race in America can be an exhilarating experience, as it stands there are only a handful of states in which you can do so.

In Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Rhode Island, Texas and West Virginia, you are welcome to enjoy as many races as you like at their array of tracks.

In Kansas, Oregon and South Carolina, dog racing is legal, but you cannot currently find anywhere that offers it. Dog racing is also permitted in Wisconsin, but there has been no track open there since 2009.

Other states such as Massachusetts, Colorado and New Hampshire offered dog racing until relatively recently, but are now all in various stages of suspending it.

This means that many of the most popular tourist states in America, such as New York, Washington, Illinois and California, do not allow greyhound racing to take place. Nevada is perhaps the most surprising omission, given that it is home to Las Vegas, one of the world's premier gambling destinations.

The status of greyhound racing across the USA changes all the time, especially among those states that do permit gambling, but if you are looking to take in a race during your visit, it is certainly best to check the situation before arriving.

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