Ten dogs saved from Sochi cull

Ten stray dogs have been brought from Russia to the US for the sake of adoption, in an effort to save the animals from a violent cull which took place during the Sochi games.

To have the Olympic city ready for the international spotlight in February, exterminators contracted by the city of Sochi killed hundreds of strays: over 300 dogs were culled each month in the lead up to the Winter Olympics.

Despite the official claim that the cull was for health and safety reasons, some say the extermination method used was needlessly cruel.

Violent convulsions and howls of pain were heard in public streets. Locals said contracted companies shot stray dogs with poisoned darts and drove through the city at night to collect the poisoned carcasses.

The transfer of the stray animals was arranged by Russian billionaire Oleg V. Deripaska, prompting some to question the motivation behind the rescue, with some suggesting Deripaska heartlessly co-opted an emotionally charged event to benefit his public image.

The dogs will stay at Washington D.C Rescue League until they are adopted from their kennels.

When they arrived at the kennels, quiet dogs like Glasha, a silver 52-pound female, sat quietly at the back, blinking at the video cameras and microphones. Whereas the boisterous dogs like Bosh, a black brindled 46-pound male, hung his paws over the railing of the pen, happy to play with anyone who walked by.

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