Swindon defies dog racing downturn

Can Swindon turn around dog racing's flagging fortunes?

There is much discussion in the media these days about the decline of dog racing as a spectator sport.

With races invariably shown on television in betting shops across the country, and facilities not matching up to those provided by other pursuits, many are simply opting not to go out and attend dog racing meetings.

Some of the country's most iconic dog racing locations are facing the threat of closure or seeing their stadia torn down in favour of housing. Oxford has been a recent casualty, while there has been much controversy over London mayor Boris Johnson's decision to allow the redevelopment of the historic Walthamstow track site.

However, Swindon racetrack appears to be rallying against the general malaise surrounding the sport, with a packed April and May calendar featuring a number of notable races.

Dog racing highlights at Swindon

The Pin Point Recruitment Arc is arguably the star attraction, taking place throughout April and running into May, with six heats scheduled to start the competition.

The prestigious race attracted 59 entries for just 36 available positions, but the final field includes some notable names, none more so than last year's winner Ballymac Cryan.

Bookmakers are tipping a handful of other entrants to challenge the champion, with Airlie Impact, Castlebride Dan, Bridge Ruth, Jolly Bullseye and Farloe Warhawk all expected to run well.

That event will be followed by the Abbey Taxis Marathon later in May, providing another opportunity for fans to come and enjoy a few days of greyhound racing.

Find virtual dog racing alternatives

Unfortunately, Swindon is arguably an exception to the current state of dog racing, with falling attendances reported on both sides of the Atlantic.

If your local track leaves you wanting more from your racing experience, and you are one of the many people who have no desire whatsoever to go to Swindon, you may want to try virtual dog racing instead.

A firm fixture in the portfolio of many leading online bookmakers, this is simply an automated version of a greyhound race, with the winner selected at random based on the fixed odds given by the computer.

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