Sittingbourne hoping Big Dog limo attracts race goers

Novelty vehicle snapped up by track

Since 2011, the Big Dog limo has been wheeled out at events across the country in an effort to tempt more people into enjoying a day at the races.

With traditional dog racing in the UK on the decline, this unique car has become a prominent marketing tool as promoters hope to bring the punters back through the gates.

Now, Sittingbourne promoter Roger Cearns wants to keep the Big Dog all to himself, and has bought the limo exclusively for the purpose of publicising his track. Mr Cearns said that the response to the vehicle has been so positive on its previous visits that he felt he couldn't miss the chance to claim it.

"She really is a unique spectacle and people simply love seeing her wherever she goes," he said, adding that he hoped people would come to associate the car with Sittingbourne dog track and be inspired to visit one of their meetings.

He also revealed that the organisation would be looking to capitalise on their new purchase by arranging promotions and competitions in the local media. One of the prizes being considered is a chauffeur driven VIP trip to Sittingbourne race course in the Big Dog.

Mr Cearns has also he will be happy to loan out the Big Dog to others who wish to use it, for a small fee.

The virtual dog racing option

Of course, for some racing fans it will take more than a giant dog on top of a car to convince them of the merits of attending a real life dog track on a rainy weeknight in Sittingbourne Stadium. For those people, virtual dog racing could be an option worth exploring.

Here, fans can experience all the thrill of dog racing in a virtual setting, with regular races at times to suit you. Betting remains the same, with odds for each dog calculated based on the likelihood of their name being selected by the computer.

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