Placing virtual dog racing bets

Making the most of virtual dog racing

Betting on virtual dog racing is in many ways very similar to the experience you will get at an actual race track. Of course, by playing online you avoid the queues and potentially unwelcoming weather that can spoil a trip to watch live racing.

How regular online races are will depend on where you choose to play, but of course part of the attraction of virtual dog racing is that, in theory at least, races could run one after the other with no break in between.

At the start of a race, you may be presented with a series of options. Some providers allow you to select how many dogs you would like to race, usually either six or eight, before you decide on where your money will go.

You can usually lay three different kinds of bet. Naturally you can try to predict the winner of the race, while you can also go for place and forecast wagers.

If you put a place bet on a dog, you are betting it will finish anywhere in the top three. These odds are less lucrative than making a win bet, which is worth bearing in mind because if you put a place bet on a runner and it comes in first, you will only win money based on the place bet odds.

A forecast involves saying which dog will come first and second in the correct order. In a similar way to place bets, if your selection features first and second but not in the order you predicted, you will not win.

Finding the best places to bet

With so many online bookmakers offering virtual dog racing to players, it can be difficult to decide where to play. Our site has scoured the web for the best options, and we have presented a selection for you to choose from.

To aid your decision, we have included customer ratings and signup offers to help you quickly decide which site offers the best value for money. You don't need to waste any time searching for deals and can simply get on with playing the game.