Live dog racing remains under threat

Virtual offerings remain most reliable source

Virtual dog racing could soon be the only truly reliable source for greyhound fans as the state of the sport continues to decline.

More and more tracks are closing down across the UK, with Oxford the latest victim over the festive season, leaving punters with fewer places to go and enjoy live dog racing. It was also announced that the site of London's legendary Walthamstow track is set to be converted into housing and an entertainment complex.

Concerns over the funding of the sport, which relies heavily on backing from bookmakers, remain a hot topic as disappointing crowds threaten the financial viability of many venues.

Poor weather over the winter has also forced the cancellation of many meetings, resulting in a further financial hit.

However, some analysts are predicting a recovery for the sport. Former commentator and race manager Mick Wheble, a prominent figure in dog racing, told the BBC: "Usually every five to ten years racing has a boom. I don't think it would ever completely disappear, but the biggest danger of closing tracks is if it went underground."

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