Hero dog saves his owner

A woman spent three nights trapped in the Alaskan wilderness, sheltering beneath her snowmobile before rescuers eventually found her.

Accompanied by pet dog Elvis, Vivian Mayo, 57, was saved from hypothermia and freezing to death by cuddling up with her small brown dog.

Vivian and her husband, Scott, were travelling by snowmobile to a cabin via highways that are not ploughed during winter and therefore not accessible by car. On the Saturday, Scott left the cabin to check on a trap line, but when he had not returned by the following day, Vivian headed home to find help but only made it a mile from the cabin before her vehicle broke down.

When the family did not return home as expected, relatives called the Alaska Wildlife Troopers who located Vivian and Elvis within three hours before focussing on finding Scott and taking the pair to hospital.

The couple have since been released from hospital and are recovering at home with Elvis.

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