Guide Dog helps save its owner

Orlando the black Labrador has been assured to have a loving home when he retires, which will be soon. Orlando hasn’t left his owners hospital bed side since he was admitted to stay, which shows the strong bond they have.

Ideally Cecil would like to have two dog, one guide dog and one as a pet but funds don’t seem to cover this for Mr Williams. The family that raised Orlando before he went to Guide Dogs have said that they would happily take him back in when he retires. They have said: “We would be absolutely thrilled to have him back, we would love to see what a difference he has made since being a pup.”

Cecil told the press on Tuesday that he cannot afford to look after a non-working dog, but he was going to look for a loving home for his pooch to spend the rest of his years.

After The Associated Press released that he couldn’t afford to look after the dog, queries have been submitted from well-wishers offering money and other assistance so that Cecil can keep Orlando.

Handling the enquiries are Guiding Eyes, who have graciously stepped forward to assist. If Cecil was to carry on caring for the dog then he would need help to do so.

Losing a dog is very emotional but giving your dog away un willingly because you can’t afford to look after them must be very hard, Especially as Orlando saved Cecil’ life and the dog won’t know why he has been abandoned.

Witnesses to the accident say that Orlando jumped to Cecil’s rescue and was frantically barking at him and licking him to try and make him move away from the tracks. It was so touching to see this dog jumping to his owners rescue; it shows that dog truly is a man’s best friend, as not many humans would jump on the track to help, without a second thought.

Mr Williams has said that he is “feeling a little bit better” but no one knows how long he will be hospitalised. He then went on to say: "My head is still a little sore where they put the staples in. There are bruises on my body," he said. "They've still got to run the tests, trying to find out what caused it."

Hopefully Cecil will be out of hospital by next week and will make a full recovery.

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