Fox and The Hound

A fox and a hound have a touching relationship which shows that friendships can be formed despite your background and due to social pressure, or in the case of these two... natural instincts.

Sniffer, the wild fox (or so he is called by Torgeir Berge) and the dog Tinni met out of the blue one day in the forest in Norway and this is where this very unusual friendship blossomed.

Torgeir the owner of Tinni the dog lives in the forest and is a talented photographer. This has been great for Mr Berge, as he has been able to capture all the heart warming moments that everyone has wanted to see.

While out in the woods one day with his dog he saw the fox edging closer and closer and became anxious about what was going to happen to his pooch, then he realised that there was no threat to the dog and that the fox just wanted to play. From then on the highly domestic dog and the wild fox have been best of friends.

The joyful relationship between the fox and the hound has been captured in all of Torgeir Berge’s photos which are all over the internet and have become a big hit with animal lovers.

Tinni’s owner has been moved by this relationship he has decided to release a book ‘The Fox and the Dog’ and it will feature fairytales of what’s happened to the canines during their relationship. He hopes that this will make people realise that you can make friends, no matter what someone’s background may be.

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