Virtual dog racing beats winter blues

With the festive season fast approaching and an increased chance of poor weather conditions, many dog racing tracks are likely to fall foul of the frost, ice or snow and leave frustrated greyhound fans unable to bet. It is in situations like this that virtual dog racing really excels.

Of course, a huge concern for race organisers is safety, and if a course is deemed dangerous or unsuitable then it is possible that entire race cards can be abandoned. This will not only spoil greyhound fans evening's action, it can also result in their being nothing to bet on, or simply a collection of wagers on races that are no longer taking place.

Virtual dog racing will never be affected by snow, ice or any other kind of adverse weather condition. Players can rest assured that no dogs will be at risk when taking to the course and chasing the hare at high speed. Players can simply choose their animated hound from the racers available, using the same familiar odds system enjoyed at regular greyhound racing.

Betting fans can then sit back and enjoy the race as they cheer on their dog to victory. No matter what the weather is doing outside they can relax safe in the knowledge that that their bet will be settled without any chance of cancellation. Many bookmakers offer virtual dog racing at specially created online tracks, and these host regular contests throughout the day, meaning the latest race is never more than a few minutes away.

Of course, this is also handy during the holiday season, where there are often long periods with no races. Virtual dogs don't have to go Christmas shopping or watch the Queen's speech with the family, meaning racing is available all year round no matter what the occasion. Virtual Dogs can provide the best odds on these races, as well as details of sign up offers and promotions.