Dog trapped in tar freed

A dog has been rescued from an emergency situation in which it became encapsulated within a thick outer crust of tar.

The dog was rescued by a group of volunteers in Rajasthan, western India, where it had fallen into a pool of molten tar.

A video posted online shows the detail of the rescue operation, during which it is obvious that the dog has lost all capacity to move.

The creature was first spotted by a passerby, who saw it laid on the ground, covered in dirt, mud and twigs.

Breaking it free

A rescue centre based in Udiapur, Rajasthan has acknowledged that it received a call about a distressed animal.

When rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited began work on freeing the dog, they confirmed that the dog had become stuck inside the sticky substance, which had solidified around its fur into a rigid layer of tar.

The Mail Online confirms that rescuers used small amounts of vegetable oil in order to massage and loosen the tar from the dog's fur. The casing was described as being "as hard as rock".

While it could not move, the video shows the dog blinking and trying to look around while the rescue work is performed.

After two days of work the dog was freed from the tar.

Footage after the recovery shows the animal playing in a leafy garden. It has a brown coat of fur with a few marks where it has torn from the tar, but appears healthy overall.

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