Dog survives golf ball mishap

A six year old Doberman was left feeling a little under par after swallowing three golf balls.

Azar had his owner Louis Powis curious when he suddenly started dropping weight and when he became severely ill.

Louis Powis was in shock after she had taken her six-year-old Doberman to the vets to find out why he wasn’t his usual self to find out that in fact her pooch had swallowed up three golf balls.

Vet, Kath Vandamme said: “Azar was very poorly when he was admitted and could barely stand, but there was nothing obvious to determine what was causing his illness.

“After we put Azar on a drip and we took some X-rays of his abdomen we couldn’t believe what we saw next. It was rather unusual as it wasn’t just one golf ball... it was three! I really don’t know how he managed to do it.”

Thankfully all three of the golf balls were successfully removed during surgery but Azar was very lucky to survive the emergency procedure due to what they found while he was under the knife. What caused most concern to the vets was that two of the three balls Azar had consumed had passed on through the stomach into the small intestine, which could have caused the intestine to rupture if left for much longer.”

Ms Powis, 27, of Nuneaton, Warwickshire, said Azar is now recovering well after his operation at the charity’s pet hospital in Coventry.

The mother of three said: "It was a very worrying time and the kids were really scared as well, they adore him"

Thankfully after a few weeks Azar had settled down at home and was back to himself in no time.

Even after all the commotion had died down, the family are still mystified about where their pet had actually found the golf balls in the first place.

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