Dog saves woman’s life three times

A woman from Newquay has revealed that her life has been saved three times in the last five years by her 10-stone canine friend.

Debi Gill – a sufferer of a severe form of epilepsy – adopted the St Bernard from the RSPCA after she saw it on a notice board in Newquay. The dog, Lowen, was abandoned in Northumberland along with 119 other canines of the same breed.

Mrs Gill said that Lowen is able to detect when she is going to have an epileptic fit up to five hours in advance.

The St Bernard is also able to detect when people are stressed or unwell, before they have even been diagnosed.

Lowen has been known to open windows and doors by herself and on one occasion she opened a window, jumped onto the roof of Mrs Gill’s porch and raised the alarm to a neighbour after climbing over the wall.

"Before Lowen I would not go out for weeks on end. I saw her picture on the board at the RSPCA in Newquay and fell in love – she was a bit of [an] experiment as I had never had a St Bernard before. When everyone else has gone home it's just me and Lowen” the 48 year old said.

The faithful pooch is by Mrs Gill’s side 24/7, whether it is while she is cooking or on shopping trips – Lowen will be there.

"If I have a bath it's no good closing the door because she just opens them – she is very persistent."

Mrs Gill said that Lowen uses various techniques to keep her safe, such as nudging her to the floor and resting her head on her owners chest whilst licking her face until she comes around.

"The first thing I get when I come round is a big wet sloppy kiss on the chin."

Lowen can also detect stress and illness and is known to bark when she detects such problems, on one occasion the dog barked at a gentleman she knows, and it was later discovered that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

"All dogs have the ability and it is knowing what signals to look out for, but Lowen is extra special. Lowen has given me new hope because she has given me freedom. She loves kids and adores all animals – Lowen's best mate is a chihuahua named Oscar” added Mrs Gill.

"I have had five years with her and I would not swap her for the world."

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