Dog miraculously survives fall from cliff

A dog belonging to a German tourist in Scotland, was rescued after plummeting over cliff edge on the Isle of Skye.

The lucky Alaskan Mulamute, Rocky, was saved by the body of a sheep that had landed on the rock before him, cushioning his fall.

Owner of the six-year-old canine, Andre Bolouri an artistic director from Berlin, was walking with his beloved pet along the 2359 foot Storr Ridge when Rocky became distressed by sheep on the cliff. Mr Bolouri attached the lead to Rocky and placed it between his legs while he stopped to take a photograph, at which point the dog bolted off and to his owner’s horror, over the cliff edge.

After three days of frantic searching and help from the locals, Rocky was discovered at the bottom of the cliff trapped beneath a sheep. Thankfully, apart from dehydration Rocky was pronounced to be medically well despite his ordeal.

Mr Bolouri said of the incident: “I owe a lot, Rocky's life, to everyone on the Isle of Skye who supported and encouraged me. Thank you.”

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