Research shows correlation between dog owners and breeds

Recent research has shown a correlation between dog owners and the breeds they tend to keep.

Research has been conducted by Frontline Spot On, a flea and tick prevention company looking at what a dog’s breed says about the owner. The research looked at 2000 dog owners and may give an indication of financial status, love life and more.

According to the research, when looking at intelligence those who own golden retrievers are supposedly the most intelligent, or at least the most qualified, as 25% of owners have a doctorate or a PHD.

In terms of love life Labrador owners are most likely to be single; whereas one in twelve boxer owners are in a relationship but want to get out of it, and pug owners are allegedly part of a happily married household.

Not only are they supposed to be the most settled, people who own a pug earn over twice as much as great Dane owners. On average pug owners earn £85,000 in comparison to Great Dane owners earning £35,000.

Despite pug owners being the richest, dalmatian owners are most likely to own a sports car and also are most likely to splash the cash on their dogs, spending approximately £17 a week on treats and snacks.

The research also discovered a few idiosyncrasies: chihuahua owners aren’t as money rich but spend over 16 hours with their miniature pet; Yorkshire terriers owners are apparently the happiest, claiming to laugh on average ten times a day; and the owners of French bulldogs are the biggest rockers.

The Marketing Manager of Frontline Spot on, Christine Malem said: “For many of the nation’s dog owners, their dog is more than just a pet but a real part of the family too. It’s interesting to note how our choice of dog can help define what sort of person we are.”

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