The dogs looking to win America's Got Talent

The dog looking to take America's Got Talent glory

Ashleigh and Pudsey made headlines around the world when their 'dancing dog' act was victorious in Britain's Got Talent. Now, a group of equally talented dancing dogs are taking the American edition of the show by storm.

Known as the Olate Dogs, the talented pooches do everything from dancing, skipping and the conga. They have sailed through to the semi-finals, and are the oddsmakers favourite to qualify for the final. An increasing trend of dog acts is showing the world just how talented these animals can be, and are capable of being far more than simply a loving pet.

Winning fans within the audiences, judges and TV viewers alike, the Olate dogs have become the star attraction of the show. Just as greyhound racing has delighted millions, these dogs with a non-sporting talent have become canine celebrities for their entertaining talents.

While only time will tell if they do join Pudsey in being animal winners of a human talent show, they have already brought the spectacle of performing dogs back into the spotlight. While we're unlikely to see any of these animals on a track anytime soon, it could well increase the popularity of greyhound racing both in America and other nations around the world.

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