Britain's Greyhound Hotspots

Greyhound betting options at Virtual Dog Racing

As many enthusiasts will know, the UK greyhound scene is split into regulated and independent tracks. The former are run under much stricter guidelines than the latter, and it is here that you are most likely to see the competitors in their prime.

Naturally, some areas of the country offer more greyhound track options than others. Virtual Dog Racing can help those living in areas where tracks are sparse to get their fix, while for those who do live near a track and regularly indulge in a trip to the races, our selection provides another option on those days when no meeting takes place.

Where to find the tracks

The south east region offers the highest concentration of regulated tracks. Wimbledon is the closest to central London, while tracks like Milton Keynes, Reading and the Essex duo of Romford and Harlow are within reach.

East of the capital are choices in Kent, East Anglia and on the south coast, or alternatively Peterborough, Oxford and Henlow provide further options.

The North East also boasts a fair few greyhound options, with big cities such as Newcastle (Brough Park), Sheffield and Sunderland all housing tracks. Kinsley in Pontefract and Stainforth in Doncaster both offer a day at the races in Yorkshire.

Big cities in the Midlands are also a safe bet. Birmingham has two tracks at Hall Green and Perry Barr, while Wolverhampton, Coventry and Nottingham all run regular meetings.

After an exciting day's racing at any of these locations, there is no reason at all to stop the greyhound fun, with Virtual Dog Racing providing a range of options for online races at all times of the day.

Track-free zones

Other areas of Britain are not blessed with such an abundance of greyhound locations. Wales and Scotland, for example, have one regulated track between them, at Glasgow's Shawfield.

In the North West, fans have only Manchester's Belle Vue, while the South West offers just Swindon and Poole.

Greyhound fans in these areas can still enjoy regular racing action with the selection provided by Virtual Dog Racing, where there will always be an opportunity for you to back your favourite.