The new 5 star spa for dogs

Barkers, the new dog-only store,is the first of this chain to be opened in Wilmslow in Cheshire. In the UK dogs are now more popular than cats, and dog owners like to splash out on their pets. They aim to target people who are interested in making their beloved dogs look their best, whether that be by getting them groomed or buying them some new accessories.

The store will feature a food hall, a dog spa and an accessory shop. Barkers will also sell bespoke bedding and offer a range of grooming services from a wash to a full body massage.

Commercial director of Pets, Peter Pritchard has said: “Our objective was to create the best dog shop in the world and I think we’ve done it.”

The Wilmslow store offers full body massages, interactive toys, running fresh water and sensory zones which will hopefully encourage owners to spend time in the shop.

Following this Peter said: "This is different from any store we have created before, with an environment which is for discerning dogs and the people who love them.

"We’ve had a really warm welcome from the dog owners of Wilmslow and while it’s very early days, we’re excited by the potential of the brand.”

As Britain’s biggest pet shop chain, Pets at Home floated on the stock market in early March with the valuation of just over £1.2bn.

Before opening any more stores the company has said they will monitor the success of Barkers.

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