Meet the celebrity greyhound owners both past and present.

From Al Capone to Homer Simpson, greyhounds are a popular choice for celebrities

Greyhound racing has been a popular sport for many years, attracting punters at racecourses, online and high street shops. Mick the Miller is perhaps the most well known dog in the history of greyhound racing, with a series of wins that has written his name into sporting folklore.

What is perhaps less well known is the large amount of celebrity greyhound owners. Many greyhounds are adopted after their racing careers come to an end, with Harry Potter author JK Rowling, singer Trent Reznor and of course the Simpson family of television fame all adopting greyhounds. Footballer Vinnie Jones and comedian Dara O Briain are also recent examples of greyhound owners in the public eye. Indeed, Vinnie Jones has featured in several advertising campaigns promoting the sport.

This is not just a recent trend however, with many historical figures being recorded as owning greyhounds. Alexander the Great, Henry VIII, Al Capone, General Custer and Frank Sinatra are all well known owners of the animals. This shows just how lasting the popularity of these animals has been, and looks to confirm that greyhound racing will go on for generations to come.

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