Police trainee dog swallows down £18,000

Jack, an 18 month old German Sheppard gobbled up Angie’s wedding ring when she and her husband were out of the room. She said that the sun was shining so the diamond would have caught the light and would have been too tempting for Jack who had to eat it before it got away.

When Mr and Mrs Collins came back to see that the ring had left the side table they searched the whole room to try and find it to then realise Jack curled up on the floor with the ring besides him. He had eaten the diamond but left the actual ring on the floor.

Better late than never

The couple took the dog to the vets and to their disappointment the vet said that due to the stomach being so intricate they would be lucky to get the diamond back.

Days passed and Angie kept hoping that the day would come where she would find her ring.

Angie had started giving up until on Christmas day she saw something shining in the garden, and there it was.

“I thought it was futile. But the sun was shining, and there it was.” Angie went on to say. She described how happy she was when she finally found the diamond on Christmas Day of all days.

After this catastrophe, Angie has said that she is going to “get the ring reset and insured as fast as possible” to avoid this happening again.

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