A guide dog with a difference

A dog has been trained to sniff out any food containing nuts ahead of its severely allergic owner.

Lily Belle the Goldendoodle is devoted to her seven-year-old owner who also suffers from a rare, life threatening disease that causes seizures.

Meghan Weingarth and her clever sidekick are inseparable, as Lily Belle indicates when nuts are present by raising her paw, and alerts others around them if Meghan is about to have a seizure while comforting her owner.

Meghan’s mum, Jennifer Schillig said of the best friends from Suwanee, Georgia in the US: “They’re so cute together, they follow each other everywhere. There’s definitely a strong bond between them.

“If one of them is not in the room they’ll look for one another, they always want to be right next to each other. Before Lily Belle things were very challenging, I couldn’t leave Meghan in the room on her own as she always wanted me by her side.

“It’s great to have that peace of mind as I know as long as Lily Belle is by her side, Meghan will be okay.”

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