A dog that is allergic to grass

The allergy was never a big problem until owner, Julie Farr, 38, moved homes from the city to the countryside as he was then to spend more time outside.

The Weimaraner that is now eight-years-old has had the problem since he was a puppy.

Worried about the pain and irritation that was brought to her pooch, Julie set out to find a solution to the problem that she had with Bluey.

She has before tried using socks to prevent irritation but this didn’t make a difference. If he was outside for longer than 5 minutes the socks just got damp and then the same would happen again. Then Julie went to put socks and carrier bags on Blueys’ feet but realised that it wasn’t very practical, so instead set out on an internet search to find a better solution.

Julie came across some boots for dogs that have Velcro straps to keep them on his feet. He wasn’t very keen on the boots at first as he has spent eight years with free feet, hen had something on his feet that he had never experienced before.

In the early stages, he was walking round like a clown, but after five minutes he took to them and was running around happy as Larry. He can now go on long walks and spend as much time in the garden as he wants because of his new shoes.

He has now been wearing the boots for three weeks and his paws are making a full recovery.

Julie added: "I think he quite likes them because they keep his feet warm and dry."

We like the dog boots here at Virtual Dog Racing and who knows, Bluey may become a racer in his new boots. For regularly updated sourced sites check back at Virtual Dog Racing for more Dog Racing fun on the go!