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Research shows correlation between dog owners and breeds

Posted by Dodie Smith on the 25th of November

Recent research has shown a correlation between dog owners and the breeds they tend to keep. Research has been conducted by Frontline Spot On, a flea and tick prevention company looking at what a dog’s breed says about the owner. The research looked at 2000 dog owners and may give an...

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Dog trapped in tar freed

Posted by Mark Mohoney on the 3rd of October

A dog has been rescued from an emergency situation in which it became encapsulated within a thick outer crust of tar. The dog was rescued by a group of volunteers in Rajasthan, western India, where it had fallen into a pool of molten tar. A video posted online shows the...

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Sheep dogs help prevent beach bacteria

Posted by Natalie Tennant on the 23rd of May

A report has revealed that Border Collies could be an effective method of preventing a common seaside bacteria. The sheep dogs who are prized by farmers for their ability to work hard, have been put to the test by researchers along the shoreline of Lake Michigan in the US. Researchers found...

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Ten dogs saved from Sochi cull

Posted by Ted DeBeurgh on the 8th of May

Stray dogs find a place of safety after Russian billion arranges for a transfer to their new home in the bright kennels of the Washington D.C Rescue League.

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Mariah is simply pawesome

Posted by Colin Fitzpatrick on the 29th of April

According to sources close to the star, Mariah Carey spends £28,000 a year grooming her beloved dogs.

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